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  About KCLA   

Founded in 1997, we are a community of Korean Canadian lawyers dedicated to supporting the personal and professional development of its membership. The KCLA is the voice of the Korean Canadian legal community and the larger Korean Canadian community. We are committed to taking a leadership role in advancing the interests of Korean Canadian lawyers in the legal profession and dedicated to serving and advocating for the interests and well-being of the larger Korean Canadian community. 


The KCLA is composed of practicing and non-practicing lawyers, articling students, law students and other legal professionals across Canada that self-identify as Korean Canadian. Our membership includes legal professionals from large and small law firms, government departments and agencies, non-profit organizations, corporations and academia. 

Our History

The creation of a legal association for lawyers of Korean descent living and working in Canada was inspired by Won J. Kim and Julia Shin Doi in 1995. In 1996, a Steering Committee was established to oversee the formal organization of the KCLA. The Steering Committee members included: Won J. Kim, Julia Shin Doi, Peter Choe, Jin Y. Choi, Ellie Choi, Angela Kim, Helen Park, Michael Park, Beth Seo and Maria Yang.


The KCLA was formally incorporated as a non-share capital corporation on May 15, 1997. The first Directors were: Julia Shin Doi, Won J. Kim, Angela Kim, Maria Yang and Peter Choe.

Executive Committee

The following is a list of current and former Executive Committee members. The KCLA would like to acknowledge these individuals for the time and dedication they have committed to this organization.​

2023 Executive Committee: Ashley Jung (President), Justin Lee, Junggun Park, Rachel Park, Jiwan Son, Justin Song, Walter Yoo, Hannah Im (Student Liaison)

Past Executives

  • 2022 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: William Lee, Ashley Jung, Sally Kim, Junggun Park, Justin Lee, James Chang, Justin Song

  • 2021 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Edward Kang, Jane Yoo, William Lee, Sally Kim, James Chung, Ashley Jung, Celina Hong

  • 2020 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Edward Kang, Seth Lim, Jane Yoo, William Lee, Sally Kim, James Chang, Ashley Jung, Celina Hong 

  • 2019 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Marie Park, Seth Lim, Victor Kim, Jane Yoo

  • 2018 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Marie Park, Seth Lim, Margaret Kim, Jane Yoo

  • 2017 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Matthew Paik, Marie Park, Sylvia Cheong, Derek Kim, Micheal Lee

  • 2016 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Richard Ha, Charlie Kim, Rosel Kim, Sylvia Cheong, Matthew Paik

  • 2015 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Robert Choi, Melissa Kim, Yunjae Kim, Sally Lee, Jamie Yoon

  • 2014 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Yunjae Kim, Andrew Lee, D. Regina Lee, John J.S. Park, Alex Woo

  • 2013 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Yunjae Kim, Andrew Lee, D. Regina Lee, Nara Moon, John J.S. Park

  • 2012 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Melissa M. Kim, Jina Lee, D. Regina Lee, John J. S. Park, Rosa Yi

  • 2011 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Jae-Yon Jung, Melissa M. Kim, Walter Kim, John J. S. Park, Simon Park, Sharon Seung

  • 2010 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Sang Joon Bae, Tina Chun Langford, Janet Jin, Walter Kim, Simon Park, Gloria Song

  • 2009 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Tina Chun Langford, Janet Jin, Walter Kim, Yeon-Tae Kim, Simon Park, Samuel Yoon, Elizabeth Yuh

  • 2008 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: David Byon, Robert Choi, Sabina Han, Janet Jin, Samuel Yoon, Elizabeth Yuh

  • 2007 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Yoon Han, Paul Hong, Janet Jin, Karen Park

  • 2006 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Su-Young Chun, Yoon Han, Walter Kim, Monica Lee, Tai Nahm, Richard Wong

  • 2005 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Philip Cho, Jane Chung, Yeon-Tae Kim, Monica Lee, Tai Nahm

  • 2003/2004 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Won Kim, Yeon-Tae Kim, Jason Park, Jane Son

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